2020 NEC 690

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ANSI - All labels identified in the 2020 NEC are associated with this statement:  "The warning sign(s) or label(s) shall comply with NEC 110.21B"  ...NEC 110.21 - Marking (B): Field Applied Hazard Markings.  Where caution, warning or danger signs or labels are required by this code, the labels shall meet the following requirements...the marking shall adequately warn of the hazard using effective words and/or colors and/or symbols and the label shall be sufficient durability to withstand the environment involved.  Informational Note: ANSI Z535.4-2011, Product Safety Signs and Labels, provides guidelines for suitable font sizes, words, colors, symbols and location requirements for labels.  Premium ANSI Photovoltaic Solar Labels - These labels are UV screen printed and UV inkjet printed, the highest quality you will find and designed to last years outdoors in the sun.  Solar Warning Labels application and test standards: Designed to meet NEC requirements.ANSI and ISO solutions.  Test Standards: ASTM D 3652, ASTM D 3654, ASTM D 2979, ASTM D 896, ASTM D 903
OK for exposure to: Direct Sunlight, Rain, Snow, Ice, Fog and Salt Air.  Temperature Rating: for use between -40°F to 176°F.  Multiple Font Sizes available to meet your local requirements.  Premium Outdoor Rated Vinyl.  Engineering Grade Reflective, 7 Year, Outdoor Rated, Glass Bead Polyurethane.  SuperClear UV-Sun Resistant Polyester Lamination.  Made in the USA.  2020 NEC: 110.22, 690.31(2), 690.53, 692.56, 700.7(B), 701.7(B), 702.7(B), 702.7(C), 705.10, 710.10, 706.4, 706.15(C)(1-4), 712.65(A)(2)